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DJT looking prescient again on impeachment push as support for endless attacks collapsing with non-aligned and other self-described moderate voters.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/25/2019, 08:41:19

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It's like the 'Crats have become robots programmed to "hate at all costs" or as others have suggested, an Ahab vs the White Whale scenario. 

Recent opinion polling shows less and less support for the latest attacks from the 'Crats against the president while his general approval numbers actually have gone UP!!

The old Rush Limbaugh truism, " ' Crats can't help themselves" is coming true. Rush loves to point out that  because that's all the 'Crats have (they can't run on their record of accomplishments because they haven't accomplished ANYTHING) -are  negative attacks based on (morbid) fantasies about evidence of supposed wrong-doing for which no evidence exists. So they just make things up, bring in "whistle-blowers" who turn out to be more like Chicken Little than anything. There has been an endless parade of  "witnesses" who have never witnessed anything and the persecutors who fancy themselves prosecutors, just keep digging deeper and deeper holes...

Worst of all for the 'Crats are the drying up of funding and the collapse of support for 'Crats elected in Trump-victory areas who are looking down the barrels of one-and-done terms. 

Donald Trump seems to have figured all of this out months (years?) ago - as he says and does things which so many saw as "brazen" in defying the 'Crats. Every new attack on the presidency (intended to intimidate him) has received a raspberry and "bring it" defiance, infuriating ACFs. 

It's been much like "please don't throw me in that briar patch" baiting that has worked like magic. 

I guess two can play at the game of using words as munitions. The 'Crat leadership, increasingly driven and dominated by it's kook base (hard core Anti Conservative Fanatics) has by all appearances learned absolutely NOTHING from the Republican's own blunders in going after Slick Willie (which turned into a political disaster for them). 

Instead of learning from the Republican's mistakes, the 'Crats seem focused instead on proving that they can "get" the president by an impeachment process of their own - thinking that they are so much smarter than the Republicans they can do it right and finally "get him". 

Trump seems to have figured all of this out and keeps poking the badger of the kook base, making it more and more enraged, and less and less effective. 

Swing state voters are predictably increasingly unhappy with the fanatical hatred for and attacks against DJT. So a year out from the 2020 election, the 'Crats are in a hole so deep that it is becoming increasingly unlikely that they will be able to unpaint the corners in which so many of their elected officials are cowering in fear and need of funding. 

Sure, I had some anxiety about DJT's relentless Twitter-pounding over the long months, but damn if he wasn't right AGAIN. The more the 'Crats attacked, the more defiant he became and by all appearances, he did exactly the right thing strategically. 

I notice that in one very important way, DJT is exactly like Ronald Reagan. The Donald may lack RWR's grandfatherly tenderness and saintly forbearance in the face of endless sadistic abuse from 'Crats, but in the final analysis, he has played them like a violin - all but herding them like cattle into the slaughterhouse the whole time. 

I had my doubts before, but you can't argue with results. It looks at this point like after all is said and done, DJT made the right moves with maintaining his strident defiance of the 'Crats. 

Worst of all for the 'Crats perhaps, is the fact that so much negative information about THEY THEMSELVES has come out of their obsessive onslaught that as the November election approaches, more and more of the news will be about prosecution of criminal acts by the 'Crats themselves in their fanatical unholy crusade of hate. 

The 'Crats have an uphill climb of truly Herculean magnitude to strengthen and fortify their party in the campaign. By all appearances, they are going to be crippled by their own egos because they are (as Rush loves to point out) not just unwilling to change the direction of their party away from psychotic hate and wild-eyed radical revolutionary socialist foolishness, they CAN'T change. 

The 'Crats are like sleep-walking hateful robots and it's not working for them. 

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