As a rule 'Crats are not greatly bothered by nonsense spoken by other 'Crats.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/23/2019, 23:05:12

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Leftists always have convenient rationalizations ever ready to protect themselves from humiliation. For example if you caught the woman who babbled that nonsense in person, her defense would be relativism " Whatever my statement lacked in accuracy or logic, conservatives are far worse." Then she would refuse to give an example then fall back on vituperation if pressed further. She'd accuse the questioner of " being mean " or simply make something up (lie).

Trying to debate a leftist is like trying to play chess with a pigeon. Even when the pigeon does nothing but knock the pieces over and shit all over the board, theys strut around like they won.
For leftists, the old truism, "You must believe in yourself" has an addendum, "...even if you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about."

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