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I dunno - I think his defining characteristic is his inherent weakness as a candidate and as a policy-maker.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/23/2019, 14:33:38

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Bloomberg's strength as a candidate may be only in the primaries since he has always polled very low in general population surveys.

That guy has NEVER done well in 'Crat POTUS contests - his blandness ( which gives him appeal to general voters) clashes with the firebrand lunacy of the ACF's base. He can't be mild AND a firebrand. He'll have to choose which sort of candidate he wants to be and go with that.

Being Jewish and OBVIOUSLY so, may not work to his advantage in the general population (which is strongly polarized, even among leftists, against Jews). Also, his appeal is largely that he is unknown and therefore will enjoy the fact that voters tend to project good qualities onto politicians they don't know, and their general popularity declines significantly once their policy-ideas become known to people who will disagree more than agree (since he is a radical 'Crat who by his nature will need to be very NEGATIVE and attack DJT incessantly to get the nomination).

So the damage he could (will) do by jumping in the race by diverting scant funding to himself instead of other more-viable candidates might end up being a net plus for DJT/Trump.

No doubt the president is WAY ahead of me in that regard and will be watching how the fool performs in the primaries if he jumps in, to determine just how to approach him as a political adversary.

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