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Re: Have any of you noticed the recent mass shootings seem to involve foreign nutcases? Asians, Illegal aliens, drug lords -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/23/2019, 14:08:49

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The young man who shot up Saugus High was fairly-well assimilated by all appearances, so his national origin may not have been as much a factor as his individual psychology. 

He clearly was involved in an out-of-control psychotic process in which his ideas-of-reference had to do with escaping from his own psychological agony (whatever the cause might have been) by murdering others (apparently at random) before he murdered himself. 

He was probably above-average intellect as indicated by at several items of evidence - he was able to obtain/construct (or have constructed) a fully-functional, high-powered pistol from parts. He was also able to obtain ammunition and conceal an effective plan-of-action from detection by anyone. All of that strongly indicates that he had an above-average intellect - especially since he was certainly suffering some major impairment/distraction due to his on-going latent psychotic process (suicidal depression). 

All of the evidence I know of is that psychosis and the beliefs generated by it were the key-characteristics of the Saugus High shooter - not alienation or other problem due to his ethnicity. If he felt terribly oppressed/harrassed mostly because of his ethnicity he did not apparently discuss it with anyone enough to arouse alarm or notice (at least that anyone who knew him will currently admit to).

To be fair Dee, you may still be on to something - I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood with a lot of Asians and Latinos - and virtually all of the violence I observed in that community was committed by kids or adults in those two ethnic groups. 

For whatever reason, (statistics back this up) Caucasians are involved in less violent crime than any other ethnic group in the USA. That difference even holds up when adjustments are made for income. So there is some evidence (at least historically) that people of non-white nationality or mixed race are apt to be more violent. 

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