Infinitely more people do lethally stupid things using automobiles than firearms.
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11/23/2019, 08:34:01

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It is obscenely common for instance, for someone who is very upset to get into a motor vehicle of some kind and commit crimes - too many of which cause loss, injury or death not only to themselves but also to bystanders. 

That simple equation tends to reveal the fact that as a technological society it is impossible to restrict or remove availability of  inanimate objects to ameliorate problems with misuse. 

This applies to machines used for conveyance (cars) or for punching holes in people (firearms). On the rare occasion when someone uses a ladder, baseball bat, golf club, bowling pin, lamp, wrench or umbrella to commit a crime, normal people don't speak of limiting or removing those items from the world. 

The singularity of firearms in a psychological sense, is simply that they have only one real literal function - to cause death or injury to living things - makes them a challenge for many to accept - because of the general difficulty of coming to terms with violence in the world in general. 

To people who have reconciled the existence of violence in the world in their own minds, the existence of firearms is identical to every other weapon in that they are tools to prevent others with the same means to inflict harm upon the innocent for immoral reasons. 

So it is really a problem with people who are not psychologically mature enough to acknowledge that firearms are merely tools  - one among thousands which exist in our world which have their rightful place in responsible hands but, (again) like all tools, are not toys to be casually misused or made available to those who will do destructive things with them. 

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