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"Suspicious" translation to Libberish, "All gun transactions" When you are hoplophobic, ALL gun transactions make you suspicious - duh!
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/21/2019, 10:58:19

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And ANOTHER Sword-of-Damocles law. Make everyone guilty of something then only use the law on enemies. 

When will the general pubic (sic) catch on to this trick? 'Crats make taking pejorative government action permissible based on  highly subjective / broad assessments such as what does or does not constitute "suspicious" transactions. The result of leaving this door open is that the camel shoves it's nose under the tent first, then the entire body. 

The second it becomes legal for a hoplo[phobic bureaucrat to label some gun transaction suspicious for ANY reason, they will immediately rationalize some "evidence" of that in their own view. So the net result of such law would be allowing the government to declare every gun purchase in the nation to be suspicious, then picking and choosing ONLY their political, personal or ideological enemies as those who have their weapons confiscated. 

It's an infantile leap of logic that any 'Crat would deduce in ten seconds as still another opportunity to use the power of government to harass, subjugate, and persecute under pretense of prosecuting innocent people minding their own business. 

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