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We've been through this with E.M radiation from power lines.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/21/2019, 10:47:21

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There is no conclusive evidence of significant danger to human life sufficient to trigger legal remedies.

That doesn't mean there is ZERO evidence that EM radiation from 5G antennae / power-lines don't hurt or disturb some people, only that it doesn't reach the level of strength that can enable legally-mandated action in the private nor government sectors.

I personally would not live in close proximity to high-tension power lines because that's my own choice. Others may choose to accept the risk.

So with 5G broadcasting. But there is an opportunity for a product to sell on the mass market. Something which protects those parts of the human body likely most-vulnerable to EM (radio) frequency-radiation (brain, eyes, organs of reproduction).

So if one can create some sort of comfortable, affordable covering for those parts of the body (tin foil hats have already been done, but not tin foil underwear) there may be some money in it for them (mass marketing has made more than one person wealthy in this country).

The good thing about 5G is that it's only going to be most-dangerous at close proximity (higher-frequency radio emissions' ability to penetrate solid matter drops off drastically with distance).

So unless one lives very near a broadcast repeater tower or has a lot of devices in their bedroom with WIFI links operating close to their beds, they will likely not experience significantly more exposure to high intensity 5G radio-frequency radiation than they were with regular WIFI.

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