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We live in a society where cacogens who should rightly in prison or relegated to some powerless state in the universe...
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11/21/2019, 10:09:55

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are instead elevated to positions of authority. 

You see in this very strong evidence that we are in the first years of the Age of Insanity, brought by cacogenic influences ascending in our culture.

The Prosperity Paradox* and the Leadership Paradox** are IMO largely the cause. The amelioration of those corrosive, degenerate influences on our planet are not clear to me. 

* Prosperity Paradox is the principle describing how any culture in which general prosperity becomes prevalent will experience an increase in cacogenic population which eventually degrades/destroys general prosperity. IOW, inferior elements, when they achieve and maintain authority over the whole, destroy the whole. 

** Leadership Paradox - Principle that any culture in which cacogens dominate makes it so those who are LEAST worthy of administrating power over others (to promote the general welfare), are most-effective at ACHIEVING power. Mass media technology has evolved into what R. Buckminster Fuller called "soft warfare" (words as munitions). 

Now the use of words as munitions is a fixture of the political/educational system with a greater advantage given  to those who are wicked (mendacious/deceptive) or amoral (unconcerned with issues of morality unless personally involved in the outcome).  

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