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Adam Schiff: Grifter, Racketeer, Warmonger – Here is what’s behind his idiocy and radical hysteria!
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Posted by: Chubbyloveable ®

11/20/2019, 21:49:55

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By October 2nd, 2019

That said, what drives Adam Schiff’s never ending idiocy and radical hysteria?

 First off, Congressman Schiff’s well documented anti-Putin obsession may have something to do with a billionaire, military complex, and oligarch patron from Ukraine. How and why, well as it turns out, Adam Schiff is an owned hatchet man of major Ukrainian arms dealer by the name Igor Pasternak. Oh yeah, Schiff is so far up Igor’s backside…I’ll just leave it at that, but it does give credence to his nick-name “pencil-neck.”

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