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Why, how multi-national corporation-like!
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/19/2019, 21:33:29

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Walmart began as a conservative-leaning company and swiftly abandoned that as political winds blew steadily across the money-scape.

With a change in senior management after conservative Walton family departures, the company slowly but gradually slid left, then far-left (adjusting to the prevailing political climates in every regional market).
Some confuse being bottom-line (all about money) with being "conservative" politically and philosophically. Being a Green Head is not a conservative value.

So Chick-fil-a, because it's primarily in business to make money, there is a general force which impels it's board of directors/owners to compromise ideology when it conflicts with bottom-line strategery(sic).

Generally, the larger the market capitalization of a company, the less inclination to remain rigidly tied to any moral doctrine or credo, but to simply take the road of least resistance in regard to offending as few people as possible by company policies.

What is lost on some, even at the highest levels of ownership/management is the result of pandering to the elements in society most-like to claim to be horribly offended.

They inevitably require exactly the same sort of ideology-focused policies which got the company in trouble in the first place, except in the other direction.

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