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No thanks Car Max. Circle-jerks are not really my thing.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/18/2019, 05:05:02

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There is an obscene preoccupation with "feeling good" inherently part of the modern anti-conservative (leftist) agenda. it's all become an indecent mutual-masturbation parade (shiver). 

The unspoken motto of the 'Crats has become, "You have the right to feel good all the time". It's grotesquely-similar to the expressed motto of the keyboard player in mock-u-mentary Spinal Tap when he is asked to summarize his personal philosophy; "My motto is simple - have a good time, ALL of the time." 

The interviewer (Rob Reiner) says, "But that's not possible. You wouldn't get anything done..." to which the keyboard player simply shrugs, the implication being that, "Yes, I essentially do NOTHING". 

So for people of this philosophy, it doesn't MATTER if the things they support and their "Daily Cause" does absolutely NOTHING to change anything for the better in the real world, all that matters is that it makes them FEEL BETTER by doing it. You know, like jerking off. 

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