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Re: Hey. If you haven't downloaded/installed the latest Windows 10 update, DON'T DO IT. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

11/18/2019, 04:50:18

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The Tech Guy radio show has become a parade of similar (but far, far worse) stories of similar problems.

The good news is that the Beast From Redmond (as Microsoft is known to many in the tech world) is gradually getting out of the OS business for the most part. It doesn't even push Windows any more at the trade shows. It's moving to Web applications and other Network-related strengths of it's software and products instead of selling the OS as the premier focus.

That's a first for them. For us, it means that crazy things like happened to you are soon going to be a thing of the past (at least in the sense of being caused by updates) since less and less of what happens on Windows will be internally related to updates.

That's according to LaPorte (THE Tech Guy as his schtick goes). That being said, he was wrong about 5G. He was skeptical about it being pushed onto market full force and it appears he was wrong. Europe is going whole hog 5G in every way.

The Tech Guy show has a chat room where the issue you encountered has no-doubt been endured/discussed/resolved by many others. Microsoft largely and increasingly doesn't GAF and doesn't much care who knows about their indifference (which explains the lack of tech-support).

And Web apps have their own issues, especially since so much of what happens in regard to what apps do is governed almost solely by Google's decisions which are sometimes capricious (changing/turning on/off applications and their features without notification to users).

For example there was a guy on today's show who had been using a feature on Google Photos that let him separate various pictures into folders and distribute them to anyone who visited in the same format - POOF! Gone! Google just made it go away. He can't share folders anymore - just the photos themselves as a single vast, chaotic library of images.

The future apparently will be about assembling applications upon applications to do things that used to be done in the O.S. software.

For things like photos, running separate programs or applications outside Windows will be the way to go.

Windows 10 is one of those love/hate things, apparently. For those who are tech savvy with money to spend, it will be fine. For the rest of us it will be a never-ended game of stumble and catch-up.

I still run Windows 7 'cause I'm afraid to move. The only safe space for me is to be rolled up into a ball.

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