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Hey. If you haven't downloaded/installed the latest Windows 10 update, DON'T DO IT.
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Posted by: TEEBONE

11/18/2019, 00:13:35

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The first thing that happened was that I couldn't log in from boot-up. Neither my pin nor password worked.

Time, after time, after time.

I went to Joe's machine to seek help online, after getting a "Sorry, we're CLOSED." recording from Microsoft.

I contacted via chat a friendly geek to hopefully help me log in. While I was dealing with him, the OS apparently decided to open.

It was a vanilla desktop, like a new install. My desktop photo, most of my icons, all of my settings were GONE. Even the "toys" I employed to rid the desktop shortcuts of arrows were gone.

I opened "This PC" to search for my folders and data - GONE.

The geek was indeed friendly, but wasn't helpful. The only reason I'm back is because the thing loaded by itself while I was on the other machine, so I could get to Settings/Updates & Security to roll the fucker back.

Anyway, unless you want a real mind-fucking hassle.....

....DON'T DO IT.



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