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In a financial analysis today on a radio show, they said the key factors going forward into 2020 are...
Re: So how hard would it be to engineer a market crash in next September? A paniced mob will do crazy things. -- robertb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

11/17/2019, 03:45:57

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...Germany's Merkel-caused slide into economic collapse (FRG is the fifth largest economy in the world and intimately-linked to both the US and the European markets - and Merkel's stupid policies have done immeasurable damage to it over the course of her administration), the U.S./ChiCom trade war - which is still not resolved by any means (creating uncertainty), and last but not least, the looming radical revolutionary socialist lunacy of every 'Crat candidate for president.

None of those factors may be controlled by narrow concerns. All are linked to huge decisions and systemic, fundamental factors involving national policy issues influenced heavily by political outcomes.

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