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Mebbe Shatner is a conservative after all.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/07/2019, 16:38:48

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William Shatner, who famously interviewed Rush LImbaugh fairly then got lambasted by leftists for it, is involved in a Twitter dispute with millennials. The dispute is superfluous, but the comments about the exchange are pretty good. 

All that happened was Shatner made some comment about Dancing With the Stars host Tom Bergeron arguing with some leftists who are angry because Bergeron thinks Sean Spicer should be allowed to be on the show without being "protested against". Shatner, who supported Bergeron was disssed by  some millennial who tweeted back to him, "Ok boomer" an insulting dismissal of an opinion because the poster is a baby boomer and therefore not worthy of being allowed to voice an opinion. 

Here is one of he comments from the article which might be the best:

Arguing with a millennial is like playing chess with a pigeon.

Even when you win, they are gonna crap on everything and strut around like they won.


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