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Her physical appearance is about the tenth thing on my list that I don't like about her.
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11/06/2019, 23:03:44

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But looking at how nuts her parents are, I can't help but feel some vague pity for her. She would have had a better chance growing up normal and happy if she had been raised by wolves. 

Mystics say that being born into some wealthy situations is a curse to one's spiritual journey. So perhaps in this case. pretending every day (especially to one's self) that one is moral, virtuous, intelligent and likable - ignoring mountainous, every-growing objective evidence to the contrary. 

This is what Arthur Koestler warned about  - a race of human beings whose every perception is forced through a filter in the brain which edits out everything that might bring genuine objectivity to them. So their lives are an ever-expanding cloud of mendacity and illusion - endlessly being reinforced, defended and promulgated because not to do so is an existential threat to their own self-image (they fear they will die if they lose the belief in themselves as great people). 

So ultimately they react to any challenge or damage to their self-image as nothing less than attempted murder (because they identify 100% with their egocentric persona) and act accordingly violent in defending it. 

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