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Va has been gradually swallowed up by the Swamp creeping out of DC for decades. This is only the latest iteration of that trend.
Re: Disastrous for youse guys in VA, and a crappy banner-waving victory for the anti-constitutionalists. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/06/2019, 16:31:55

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Terry McCauliff's blatantly corrupt election and terms told me everything I needed to know about the condition of this state. 

It grieves me to witness this "deterioration" of  sanity in the heart of the Nation's birth. 

A species as dangerous as the Eloi are dominating the state's politics. Sickening yet inevitable. Such trends are never reversed until and unless there is a catastrophe that the population finally connects to the reckless administration of government by leftists. 

The crew of the ship(voters) will not elect to change course until AFTER the vessel is utterly and completely wrecked on the shoals of Objective Reality. 

Then and only then, after inestimable unnecessary loss, suffering and death do the People suddenly realize what they have done to themselves. 

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