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Lead by their own Shadow impulses.
Re: And the really insidious fact about it is, in their Hobbesean rejection of our First Principles, they are at ease with their 'conscience' (such as it is) because they give the DoI & BoR no shrift at all. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

11/06/2019, 16:20:12

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First principle of psychology is, "it is impossible for anyone to conceive of a morality superior to their own".

That is to say, any self-assigned "moral" person who identifies a morality superior to their own takes it as their own morality.

Selectively ignoring Objective Reality (that which does not change over time) is one way to avoid having to deal with any soul searching or reappraisal of morality.

That's why cacogens (leftists) spend so much time and energy constructing and maintaining defenses against reality - so that they may remain emotionally safe in ignorance of any morality superior to their own - so therefore they need not consider it.

That is why fanatical anti-conservatism so strongly resists rationalism but instead falls back on emotionalism. Fanatics by nature never say, see think or do, anything that's really new. This allows them to maintain a bastion against reality which though burdensome, is the only way to sustain a larger emotional agenda which includes "always feeling good" which ACF's consider an entitlement.

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