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Leftists have chosen to change the role of the House of Representatives from drafting/passing legislation to a lawless independent Investigative bureau without license, authority or oversight.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/06/2019, 13:42:51

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THe role of the House of Representatives is not and has never been to at will of the majority party, become something more like the Justice Department.

There is no Constitutional mandate nor authority for it to do this WITHOUT THE PRESENCE OF STRONG EVIDENCE OF CRIMINAL ACTIONS.

This opinion-dominated rather than evidence-dominated process we are enduring now, is more-similar to the sorts of things done by Democrat-dominated Southern States in the lead up to the Civil War - by reckless fiat declaring whole swaths of extant rules/laws illegitimate and therefore flouting/ignoring the rule of law in manifold ways.

In other ways they mirror late author Kurt Vonnegut's rueful description of licentious government tyranny in, "They violated the spirit of a thousand laws without coming afoul of so much as a city ordinance". Yes. They. Have.

So now we are in a New Confederacy of states (supported by their representatives in DC at al) who are committed to abandonment of their sworn, legal authority in favor of a splitting off from elected government work for the common good, by membership in a lawless, reckless, wholly-political anarchist/Marxist assault on the USA.

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