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So many things going on besides politics. Astronomy, etc.
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11/06/2019, 13:18:08

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For instance, astronomers are mulling over data supporting a view of the universe contrary to the "flat" version which has been part of the foundation of the Standard Model. 

Nothing really definitive of anything much more than that - though speculation abounds. The shape of the universe is a fundamental issue having to do with the general physics/math field of topology.

If the universe functions a certain way, it will be shaped a certain predictable way. 

Uncertainty is important because the understanding of the basic physics of the universe has been at the launching point of every major technological leap in modern history. 

The first people to understand the essence of basic reality develop the power to create machines utilizing basic principles. For example molecular theory produced chemistry, electric/semi-conductor theory gave us electronics/computer-circuits/computers. Atomic theory (God help us) thermonuclear weapons. Quantum EM/photon theory gave us lasers/particle weapons/electron microscopes. 

Whoever finds it first
Will be sure to do their worst
We always have before... The Manhattan Project by Rush 

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