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"And there you have it. No one hates vegans. Everyone, however, hates Social Justice Warriors." - Patrice Lewis
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

11/04/2019, 19:29:56

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Here's why people hate vegans - WND

Patrice Lewis
7-8 minutes

This week the British news site The Guardian had an opinion piece by someone named George Reynolds with a startling title: "Why do people hate vegans?"

I don't follow dietary news very much, so I was unaware anyone, anywhere, "hated" vegans. Who cares what someone does or doesn't eat?

The article opens with some shocking incidents of a carnivorous performance artist who gets his jollies eating revolting things (raw squirrels, raw pig's heads) at vegan food festivals while sporting T-shirts proclaiming "Veganism = Malnutrition." Naturally, Reynolds hints, this disgusting performance artist is representative of everyone who enjoys eating hamburgers or steaks, and therefore everyone hates vegans.

Reynolds attempts to paint vegans as peaceful, innocent victims of carnivorous oppression. These sweet harmless individuals just want to live quietly, eating their plant-based diet without some revolting street performer chewing on raw squirrel right in their faces. To illustrate his thesis as an oppressed minority, Reynolds quotes a 2015 study that observes "vegetarians and vegans in western society – and vegans in particular – experience discrimination and bias on a par with other minorities," then adds, "A philosophy rooted in non-aggression has found itself at the heart of some of the most virulent arguments on social media."

See? Vegans are victims.

Then things in the article get a little less peaceful.

"Ultimately, the vegan wars are not really about veganism at all," says Reynolds, "but about how individual freedom is coming into conflict with a personal and environmental health crisis. … And yet none of this really gets to the heart of what it is about vegans that makes people so upset. Calling them humorless or militant, sanctimonious or annoying or hypocrites – all of these terms are just smokescreens for what it is that people really feel, which is fear. Vegans are unsettling and uncanny: they live among us, speak like us, behave like us – but for one significant exception. Meat may be murder, but to some people, the prospect of life without it is even worse."

So omnivores are afraid of vegans or veganism? Right.

"But veganism's explosive growth alone does not explain why it attracted such controversy," continues Reynolds. "There is something inherent to veganism and vegans that arouses deeper feelings. What is it about the vegan lifestyle that stirs such strong emotion in those who don't happen to share it? Why do people hate vegans so much?"

Apparently without realizing it, Reynolds answers his own question. "Veganism, of course, is rooted in social justice – a detail that has faded from view as it has gone mainstream. But even in its dilute 21st-century form, veganism remains confrontational: it casts people's dietary choices in harsh relief, and people are by nature defensive."

And there you have it. No one hates vegans. Everyone, however, hates Social Justice Warriors.

Reynolds stops just short of associating omnivores with white supremacists. "In the internet age, the consumption of meat is visibly aligned with a certain kind of conservative alpha-masculinity," he writes. "Before he found infamy eating raw flesh, Gatis Lagzdins [the revolting street performer noted above] was best known for hosting a YouTube channel peddling racist ideology and right-wing conspiracies about the Illuminati. Among the alt-right and affiliated circles online, the derogatory term 'soy boy' has been adopted along with other terms such as 'cuck' and 'beta' as a way of mocking so-called social justice warriors for their perceived lack of vigor. This echoes a finding in the MacInnis/Hodson study, in which respondents from a right-wing background, who seek to uphold traditional gender values, see something alarmingly subversive and worthy of derision in any man who prefers tofu to turkey."

Let's see, there are approximately 7.7 billion people on this earth, of which approximately 75 million are vegans. Presumably the remaining 7.6 billion are omnivores. Does this mean every last one of us is part of the "Illuminati" or "from a right-wing background" or otherwise offensive to your sensibilities?

Reynolds makes additional points to demonstrate his SJW affiliation and how strongly he wishes he could forcibly convert the omnivores:

  • "The vegan conversation, then, is a stand-in for much bigger things. When we talk about veganism we are talking about environmental and social change." [Eating meat is poor planetary stewardship and we must stop NOW or we're all gonna die in 12 years, or whatever.]
  • "And as much as its popularity has been pumped up by concepts like flexitarianism, ultimately veganism's goal is a world in which the annual per-capita consumption of animal products is precisely zero." [Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.]
  • "The internet has made communication highly charged and polarized; the only way to be heard in such a screaming vortex is to shout louder." [If you eat a hamburger, we're going to scream in your face with a bullhorn.]

I did notice Reynolds was curiously silent on vegan activism: harassing diners, storming steakhouses, vandalizing butchers and releasing livestock so they can "live free."

And you wonder why we're hostile to activist SJW vegans?

In one example of radical activism, PETA decided not to back the famous Impossible Burger [a vegan alternative] because one of its main ingredients was tested on rats. The food company responded by criticizing PETA extremists who are undermining their own mission. "The Impossible Burger has the potential to do an unimaginable amount of good for animals," said Dr. Tyler Paytas, a research fellow in moral philosophy at ACU's Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry. "The fact that PETA is reacting in this way is mind-boggling … and also has the effect of making people view vegans as fanatical and unreasonable."

Yep, that's right. Fanatical and unreasonable. This article details how veganism went from a personal dietary choice to a full-blown SJW movement. The "pragmatist" branch specializes in legislatively forcing changes (often focusing on "population-dense states with liberal majorities"), and the "absolutists" – who "tout veganism as an all-or-nothing moral imperative" – are the ones harassing diners, screaming in peoples' faces with bullhorns, splashing red paint across restaurants and other effective methods of persuasion.

But as usual, SJWs are blind to their own excesses and unaware of how their activism hurts the very causes they espouse.

I don't have the slightest quarrel with veganism. I think it's wonderful when people practice what they preach. Nobody, but nobody, hates vegans because they're vegans.

They hate them because they're Social Justice Warriors ... and dangerous.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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