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Lt. Col. James Zumwalt asks the rhetorical question, "Do Dems and media have any loyalty to America?"
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

10/31/2019, 22:36:56

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Do Dems and media have any loyalty to America? - WND

Lt. Col. James Zumwalt
6-8 minutes

There is nothing more honest than a newspaper admitting up front its dishonesty. In case you have not heard about the publication, the Genesius Times relishes in publishing farcical articles. But, unlike the mainstream media, it openly admits this. Whereas, other publishers use slogans to suggest they are not purveyors of fake news, but then publish it, Genesius uses the slogan, "The most reliable source of fake news on the planet."

sampling of some of the eye-catchingly clever headlines Genesius recently used include:

  • "Sharpton slams Trump for lack of diversity in team that caught al-Baghdadi"
  • "Dems say Barr can't investigate because the U.S. has 'run out of subpoenas'"
  • "Omar offers condolences to friends and family of 'austere scholar' al-Baghdadi"
  • "Court rules that father can start transitioning son into a Trump fan against mother's wishes"
  • "Mexican government hires Beto to confiscate all the drug cartel guns"
  • "Hillary Clinton sells out tour for new book: 'Everyone I Don't Like is a Russian Agent'"

There was one headline, however, that causes a conservative reader, at first blush, to wonder if it contained a kernel of truth. This was especially so due to its timing – appearing after the Democratic Party leadership protested not receiving advance notice U.S. special forces would take down the "serial killer on steroids," Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, last weekend. The Genesius headline raising eyebrows over a possible reason why President Donald Trump failed to do so was:

"Russia to launch investigation to determine if any Democrats have ties to United States"

It is a sad commentary on politics today that our president feels uneasy about advising the opposition party leadership about such a major operation. But, in today's political back-stabbing, oneupsmanship environment, Trump had every reason to question who could not be trusted with advance information about the assault on Baghdadi's compound. His top priority was to protect our courageous warriors conducting the operation; it was not to worry about political sensitivities. This was especially true after some of our top U.S. government officials, entrusted with classified information, such as Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey, have violated that trust.

The feathers of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were definitely ruffled, along with those of a well-known leaker of classified information, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff. The congressman gained a reputation for having a very small bladder as he often excused himself, during classified sessions, to take bathroom breaks. But the leak problem he suffered was not of the bathroom type. He often used such breaks to make phone calls to network minions about testimony given. Advising Schiff would have been comparable to telling Baghdadi.

Pelosi also complained that even the Russians were given advance notice of the assault when Democrats were not. Setting aside the fact former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had supposedly "reset" relations with Russia during her watch, Pelosi ignores the fact "unidentified" aircraft in Syrian airspace have been shot down. While the incident involved a Russian aircraft flying along the Syria/Turkey border being shot down by the Turks, a Russian air-defense weapons system covering such airspace might do the same thing to us. It was wise to notify the Russians.

The Syrian government allegedly informed Iran about the attack only after it learned it had occurred. However, it is more likely Iran knew beforehand. This is why notifying Russia also had another purpose.

As Russia is closely allied with Iran on the Syrian battlefield, notice to Moscow of the impending raid meant notice to Tehran as well. While there was a risk of an Iranian attack by telling Russia, we bestowed upon Moscow an obligation for it to reel the Iranians in to prevent them from interfering. The fact Baghdadi headed an extremist Sunni terrorist group was sufficient reason for Tehran not to interfere with the attack. Its own extremist Shia mullah leadership feared a resurging ISIS and, thus, preferred seeing the more immediate threat of ISIS dealt a serious blow despite viewing America as "the Great Satan."

Interesting too was that Turkey was not notified until the raid was underway. Undoubtedly, one of the considerations in not telling the Turkish government sooner was the fact "extremist-deemed-moderate-by-the-West" President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sought establishment of a similar caliphate to that ISIS sought. Turkey would have been lukewarm to such an attack and, therefore, it was better to keep Erdogan as much in the dark as Schiff.

While Democrats and the media rejoiced over the news Osama bin Laden had been killed, giving high praise to then-President Barack Obama, there has been no similar response over the news of Baghdadi's death. The House Democrats forming "The Squad" have refused to give Trump any credit. The media softened headlines, describing Baghdadi not as the mass killer he was but rather an "austere religious scholar"! It is incredible a media source like Newsweek would compare Trump to Hitler while we see no similar comparison made to Baghdadi.

As Kellyanne Conway noted in the wake of media comments putting Baghdadi in a more favorable light than Trump, "The media is angry at the president of the United States for getting rid of the world's worst terrorist. It's like, who is he to interfere while we're trying to impeach him?" Clearly, the media refuse to give Trump a "win" on the Baghdadi raid. Nowhere was this more evident than one pundit arguing it was inappropriate for Trump to call Baghdadi a "coward" since the Muslim madman chose to blow himself up – along with three children. Even the most minor of issues are flagged by the media, which even give space to a claim by Obama's White House photographer the Trump Situation Room photograph was staged. Meanwhile, some Hollywood stars have jumped onboard the anti-Trump bandwagon.

There is something wrong with Democrats and a media refusing to see the fact Baghdadi no longer breathes the same air the rest of us do as a win for Trump in making the world safer. Perhaps a more accurate Genesius headline about Russia investigating whether "any Democrats have ties to the United States" would have been to add in the media as well.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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