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Draconian anti-Uber/Lyft policy decreed by leftist overlords cripples LA International Airport.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/31/2019, 15:01:40

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Their timing couldn't be more perfect. Just when people desperately need to get out of L.A., they are stuck in the airport for more than the duration of their flights!!

The dirty little secret of Los Angeles is that it is already 100% tyrannical radical, revolutionary socialist. The L.A. Ruling Class (represented by Yoga Pants Farcetti), which is not subject to the consequences of any of their own actions (from the homeless epidemic to the Uber fiasco) rule from On High and clearly don't give a rat's ass about the consequences to the "little people". 

This is but a preview of what the entire nation can expect if they elect a 'Crat to be president. Just look at the cities under the vise-like strangle-hold of anti-conservatives and you will see the future for the entire country. 

The only people who vote without reservation or hesitation for 'Crats are the people who have nothing and want to take everything from those who do have something. 

All 'Crat politicians care about is being the overseers in the transition from the USA into the USSA. What happens outside of anything  negative that happens to them personally has ZERo interest for them. They are cacogens cacogens. Their indifference to the suffering or loss of the people who put them into power is nothing short of monstrous. 

So not only do people have to endure having their power shut off for days at a time (making it impossible to either live or work in Los Angeles's west side and other tawny enclaves) when they try to leave on an airplane to escape, they can't even do THAT - again, thanks to the "leadership" of the insane, Satanic leftists who run the city. 

So they will vote for them again. And again. And again until the process ends with bloody riots, mass murder and a Venezuela-like catastrophic breakdown in civilization. 

Historically that is the only way voters in Mexifornia EVER stop voting for 'Crats, AFTER they have cost them everything, BUT NOT BEFORE!!!

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