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Bloomberg is such a loser. He will NEVER run for president because he KNOWS the same thing that the 'Crat's internal polling shows...
Re: UH-oh! Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg dismiss these 'people of color', therefore they are RACISTS!!!! <smirk> -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

10/31/2019, 14:37:40

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...the 'Crats have jumped the shark in the whole "get Trump" movement. Self-described "moderates" dislike ideology and they dislike impeachment proceedings. The 'Crats have tripled down on both - and then some.

When you add threatening to take away firearms from law-abiding citizens (as all of the candidates have threatened to do at one time or another) while also announcing that you are going to protect the "rights" of violent illegal immigrants, the moderates will likely vote for the "lesser of two evils" which in this case is DJT!!

Bloomberg knows that all of the prime indicators for national elections are aligning against the 'Crats in a big way. He won't run just on the off chance he might win. He is a big coward for the most part, so won't risk his "brand" by humiliating himself with a failed political campaign.

That is one predictable thing about the 'Crats, their candidates are all utterly and completely focused on their own best-interests first, foremost and ALWAYS. heh

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