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Those units are pricey, so one must also invest in security to keep them from getting ripped off.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/30/2019, 21:07:20

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I have close friends who live in what is called "Little Brentwood" ( other side of 405 from Westwood). Once there was a party that got invaded by an armed robber who tried to take everything from the guests. What he didn't know was that there was someone on site who had a phone who had called LEOs immediately when they realized there was a home-invasion underway.

He got SOOOOO busted. He got jumped by about fifty cops the minute he left the premises and tried to get into his vehicle. All he got for his trouble was about twenty years in prison (about fifty counts of armed robbery, etc).

The point is that the lowlifes just SOUTH of Westwood/Brentwood have eyes on the area constantly. See, that's where the MONEY is.

Anyone in that area (borders the heavily black West L.A. areas like Palms, Fox Hills, Westminster) who owns a ten thousand dollar generator without security is just asking to be ripped off.

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