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The misery of 'Crat chaos continues. Between the incompetence of Newsom and the incompetence of "Yoga Pants" Garcetti Los Angeles is getting ripped apart.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/29/2019, 23:36:11

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Conservative talk radio guys John and Ken call Garcetti "Yoga Pants" because he liked to do interviews wearing those particolored thin material pants so popular with gays and women who want to show off their asses. You know the ones I mean - they look like a person wearing them is naked from the waist down and simply painted their asses.

But back to the substance...L.A. area enclaves of the leftist elite (Brentwood/Westwood/WoodlandHills/Encino) have been hit so hard that it is difficult to imagine that there will not be a serious political backlash.

The fact that PG&E has no viable solution for the fire danger caused by its transmission lines is an embarrassment for them but also for the politicians who let the situation become so hopelessly chaotic that there is no solution other than to shut down power to hundreds of thousands of homes every time there are strong winds blowing.

The fact is that California 'Crat leadership is focused on asinine things like controlling what types of straws people drink through, what symbols they put on restrooms (so the 0.000000000000001% of people who can't decide what gender they are don't feel "offended") and other stupid bullshit.

But these same leaders just shrug and say, "I dunno," when asked what should be done about the grid causing so much destruction and devastation and suffering.

The fact is that the electric grid as maintained by PG&E is costing the state/insurance companies tens of billions of dollars in losses from wildfires and forcing millions of people's lives (mostly hard leftists) to a standstill because their power is being turned off for days at a time. So even people who aren't being evacuated have to leave their homes because they can't live without electricity (temps in LA at night are in the 30s).

Years of focus by California's government on stupid, idiotic nonsense, (locked in the vise-like drip of insane 'Crats for decades), instead of focusing on REAL problems needing leadership and intelligence, has led DIRECTLY to this current total chaos.

Most smart people know that the key to success in anything is you being able to control the facts, not letting the facts control you. California 'Crat leaders have been leading from behind (the way the Eightball Obama et al did for 8 years in Washington) for decades.

That is after all what cacogens do - promote, promulgate, prolong and perpetuate CHAOS and the needless destruction and death it brings to innocent people.

Well, it took a cataclysmic example in the form of what amounts to the shutting down of tens of thousands of homes in the wealthiest enclaves of the leftist elite, to bring focus to the lack of leadership of 'Crats.

The problem for California is that the voters apparently do not care that their leaders are leading them into deeper and deeper chaos and destruction. The millions of poor and nearly-poor who have very little or nothing to lose when there are catastophes like this, don't much care.

If I had to guess, many of the people who put and keep the 'Crats in power in California are thrilled to see so many people (property owners and business owners) being decimated. So they are fine with what is going on for the most part.

Hell, many of the lower level employees of the rich had the gall to show up at burned down houses expecting to be paid for working. All they could think about while their bosses had been wiped out, was whether or not they were going to be paid their wages. Great people.

That is the hallmark of cacogen-dominated populations, as in California. True to their nature, most voters who like the 'Cras would (like Ahab) rather die while in control, than flourish and do well under the control of others.

In the most literal sense, most California democrat voters would rather rule in Hell (and die there) than serve in Heaven (and live eternally).

This also bring to mind the fact that Satan is condemned to Hell not by God's wrath, but by Satan's own refusal to repent or bow to the Lord. It is PURE EGO which drives both the damnation of Satan and his minions to Hell and the refusal of California voters to hold the people they elect accountable that keeps the state in abject, unrelenting, mounting CHAOS.

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