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and was announcement of withdrawal from Syria a head-fake to end all?
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/28/2019, 22:04:51

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Clearly the US military is not pulling out of Syria.

I'm now thinking that the announcement coincidentally just days before the military pulled the trigger on a months long (years long?) hunt for Big Daddy might have been a grand-champion head-fake to both throw off the 'Crat moles in the U.S. government and to lull terrorists in the Syrian theater into a state of relaxation so the viper could strike with the element of complete surprise.  

The chaos this entire episode hath wrought on the 'Crats on so many levels is just breathtaking. If this is contrived DJT et al are not just playing chess to the 'Crat checkers, they are playing 3-D chess. heh 

God bless them for exterminating that diseased vermin. Fuck the 'Crats. They are almost as vile as ISIS. 

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