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Salafist terrorists are regarded as sub-human by most of the Arab world which does not seek global conquest by a sustained war. of aggression.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/27/2019, 21:36:28

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Sunni Wahaabi terrorists like ISIS are generally referred to in the Arab world as Salafists, though both the latter terms are largely correct. The Salafists/Wahaabi follow the basic teachings of the infamous Islamo-Nazi Qtb - spelled out in his strategy book "Milestones", which was the basis for al Qaeda's doctrine as well.

The Arabs don't refer to the terrorists as "jihadists" because that translates into "holy warrior" which therefore imparts some legitimacy to their claim of divine authority - so instead Arabs and non-radical Muslims in general call them Salafist or Wahaabi (the latter being fighting words to many of the latter, and so avoided).

If you really wanna grind a muzz ISIS's gears, call them Daesh to their face. It equates to "scum" and "filth".

One of the things Gorka pointed out was how it's not necessary to be diffident when speaking about terrorists as "fundamentalist radical Islamists". Arabs have been dealing with violent Islamist terrorists for centuries upon centuries - not always with fondness and refer to them as such.

Let us remember that the term "assassin" derives from hashishin, a species of muzz murderers who would be given a "preview" of paradise before they go off to murder and die, by smoking hashish and participating in an orgy.

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