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"The world is indeed a very strange place. It's good to look at it in a different light from time to time."
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

10/27/2019, 12:43:12

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The corruption they're hiding in plain sight - WND

Craige McMillan
4-5 minutes

You do understand, what we experience as politics has nothing to do with the yelling and screaming about abortion, illegal immigration, impeachment and many other "issues" poisoning this nation's culture – right?

It's hard to step away from the view that we've always held of our world. It's tried, true and comfortable; we understand it. Sometimes we are surprised to see our elected officials abandon the fight and even cross the aisle to support what they pledged to resist. No worldview is perfect though, is it?

If our longtime worldview is beginning to fail us, perhaps it's time to look for a different explanation, to examine the scene from a different perspective. Peek through a new lens that reveals things in a different light.

Let's conduct a little thought experiment. We'll take a look at America's political acrimony through a different lens. How about the lens of political corruption?

Seriously? Yeah. Of course we know that corruption only actually happens in Third World dictatorships. I mean, we have an advanced democracy; we have the FBI, a Department of Justice, inspectors general, federal courts, separation of powers, and our intelligence agency personnel are carefully investigated for suspicious ties to foreign nations. Sure there's some corruption, but it's not a major factor – right?

Take abortion. It's all about a woman's right to choose what to do with the new person growing inside of her. Isn't it?

But imagine for a moment that we haven't been told the whole truth. Imagine that abortions are only the procurement side of the abortion business. What if abortions are only performed to procure the product the abortion provider sells to its real customers?

How would it change the picture for you if the abortion providers were getting rich selling dead and live baby body parts for human experimentation? And what if that was, in fact, their main source of income? What if the abortion supporters in Congress were being paid for their support through campaign contributions? What if the total of those contributions were about equal to the taxpayer funds appropriated for abortions every year? What if taxpayers are in fact providing the payola used to fund the election campaigns of abortion-friendly politicians?

And what's with the spat of late-term abortion bills in certain states during the last year or two? Do the women in those states not know they are pregnant before the child is born? Or is the real subject of those bills left out of the legislation? If an increased supply of live babies for medical experimentation is the real goal, does that explain the spate of late-term abortion laws in some states?

What about illegal immigration? John Whitehead, who founded the Rutherford Institute, wrote in "America's Dirty Little Secret: Sex Trafficking is Big Business," what the reality of illegal immigration actually is. Perhaps illegal immigration is simply a cover story for bringing illegal drugs, women and children across the border and selling the drugs, women and children to drug dealers, pimps and men and women who like sex with children?

What if the people opposed to building the wall are on the payroll of the drug dealers, pimps and pedophiles? Might that explain their intransigent opposition to erecting a wall on our southern border?

Finally, it needs to be asked why big media and Democrats are obsessed with impeachment. Is it because Hunter Biden has soul-mates out there? Is it because the payoffs from foreign nations, funneled as director's fees but without the requisite work attached are an easy way for corrupt politicians here in America to fill their bank accounts and bitcoin wallets with our foreign-aid dollars that are given and then recycled back into the hands of those who appropriated them?

Might corrupt people who fear exposure and punishment for their evil deeds be the real cause for the impeachment frenzy now roiling Democrats, never-Trump Republicans and big media outlets – the ones frantically selling their own corruption as Trump's, in an effort to stave off justice?

The world is indeed a very strange place. It's good to look at it in a different light from time to time. You might be surprised at what you find!


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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