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ISIS Leader al Baghadadi dead in U.S./allied raid in Syria.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/27/2019, 02:56:14

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Another muzz terrorist collects early retirement - to die screaming. 

Sebastian Gorka can put another notch on his Colt. He had a lot to do with this 'cause he helped set policy for the multi-pronged assault on ISIS that pushed them into the box where Baghadadi got snuffed. 

No need to post the article. DJT will reveal all in live statement tomorrow at around 9:00 AM EDT. The guy with the $10 million bounty on his head self-detonated his suicide vest when the strike team started closing in.
This is another huge achievement for DJT, associates and most of all the military. How they managed to insert themselves deep into what is basically Turkish/Russian/Syrian-controlled territory is going to be interesting to hear about. 

Damn great work by someone and their team(s). You don't just waltz into a place like that and stumble around  - you'd better know WTF is what !! 

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