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Jussie Smollette $130 K investigation-cost lawsuit to proceed - criminal case to be reopened.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/23/2019, 10:35:01

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No reason to post the article - all it reports of substance is that a judge allowed the city's lawsuit to proceed against Smollette to recover the cost of the investigation into the  MAGA-hat attack they obviously faked.

Smollette's lawyers claimed in their brief to the court that he didn't know what the cost of the investigation into his actions would be, therefore he doesn't meet the stipulation for liability for costs. Judge disagreed. 

Concurrently a federal investigation into the irregularities of how the criminal case was dropped by Smollette's allies in the city attorney's office, has resulted in the likelihood that criminal charges will be filed again in regard to his actions (and possibly those of the two brothers he hired) in faking the attack and lying to LEOs. 

Looks like the Universe threw Smollette a reverse-pin in his attempt to wrestle sumpin' sompin' from his production company and ripping off the city of Chicongo. Juicy found out the hard way that wrestling is very much a sport of strategery (sic) - you can't go into a bout with a half-assed plan. 

Wonder what he will do for money now - since the acting things AND the permanent victim thing are both out the window. Gay porn, drug dealing (discretely) or gay rap (a growing market), I guess. 

Wow. Talk about having it made then throwing it all away...

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