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Murders are first committed in the heart - after that everything else is a detail.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/09/2019, 19:09:23

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Once a person crosses that psychological line where they feel murdering someone is justified yea, NECESSARY, there is apparently very little that will dissuade them.

Those who can procure or have firearms use them - those who are unable to easily get firearms choose other methods. They don't just give up usually.

And if they are "goal oriented" and "highly motivated", as a psychologist might say, odds are that depriving them of one method will not put out the fire in their mind.

Many (most) times first-degree / second-degree murders (not involving theft/robbery are about the murderer avoiding feelings of humiliation or shame).

Many people are apparently more prepared to spend their lives in prison or to be executed, than to tolerate some manner of material loss or humiliation.

You see it all the time on cop shows - some fool rips off some other fool for $200 and the victim caps them, gets convicted of murder. They regret it only after realizing far too late, that they traded the rest of their life for avoiding being insulted by some idiot they barely know or care about.

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