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I must disagree vehemently. The Kurds have fought alongside the US in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Our own military members, have nothing but great things to say about how they have been protected by the Kurds. I even watched a special on how US
Re: Trump and his foreign policy team have already accomplished a great deal in this Syrian withdrawal announcement. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Dee W. ®

10/09/2019, 11:21:16

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members of the military were so moved by the dedication and kindness of the Kurds, they went back to help them continue their fight. I know several Yazidi's and they are wonderful people. There is even a fighting force of women who have helped defeat ISIS. There are many CHRISTIAN KURDS, as well as Jewish and Muslim. They are not 'terrorists' as you claim. 

I couldn't even read any further after the word "terrorist" was used to describe them. I can guarantee you, Trump will suffer as a result of abandoning them. Christians throughout the country are upset over this move by Trump.  As TEEBONE wrote, Taiwan must be concerned. 

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