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Trump and his foreign policy team have already accomplished a great deal in this Syrian withdrawal announcement.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/08/2019, 22:01:39

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Most recently, DJT has given indications that he is reappraising his decision. But a message has already been sent loud-and-clear to the Kurdish terrorist organizations (who call themselves "freedom fighters", naturally) that the U.S. will not take sides in the territorial sturm-unt-drang between Kurdish forces and Turkey.

So the Kurds must now reappraise their own plans based on that realization (what might be called a splash of cold water).

Turkey's Edrogan who is a vile, duplicitous fundie muzz vermin, was shrewdly just tossed a bone (albeit a small one) which will actually weaken him politically at home. Part of the Edrogan faction's long-term strategy has been to demonize the USA as a puppet and enabler of the Kurdish terror groups. This will definitely throw some shade on that claim.

That is doubly effective, because the Turks have been trying to pal up to Iran to form a defacto Muslim Alliance in the region based on the old 11th Caliphate members (Ottoman Empire states). By being conciliatory toward Turkey, DJT has given the disparate Turkish factions something to think about.

See, if Iran becomes involved in a sustained military back-and-forth with other nations in the Arab world over their attack on Saudi Arabia (which seems likely to happen soon), Turkey will likely want to consider alternatives to continuing to align themselves with Iran.

That alone could sew some discord in the ranks of the Turkish government because the U.S. is a powerful friend and a troublesome, effective enemy.

I give him a ten on this whole affair. He's playing chess while much of the world is still playing checkers.

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