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Yes, there is always an eight-to-ten point advantage in opinion polling due to this.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/08/2019, 21:39:55

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The good news is that polling seems to be less and less important in determining outcomes. Not even the desperate push-polling of 'Crats running for office (and losing) can move the needle much any more.

People are so burned out from all of the negativity and hate-porn from the anti-conservatives, that people in general are losing their interest in anti-conservative mass media.

The popularity of and trust in leftist mass media has never been lower and is actually still declining. So whatever the 'Crats in the mass media are doing, I hope to Christ they keep it up because they are KILLING themselves with non-aligned and other self-described "moderate" voters.

History has demonstrated time and again that stonewalling hamstringing and otherwise going hyper-negatively at a candidate who has a track record of fulfilling campaign promises and actually making things better for the People is a horribly risky strategery (sic).

Whatever the polls the 'Crats pay for may say (most Americans want the president to commit suicide, for instance) the average undecided voter will take it all in come November of next year and decide which side they hate and mistrust more.

And if that vote were held today, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind DJT would be reelected.

The weakness of the top three 'Crat candidates in this election cycle is almost laughable. Sanders is literally dying on stage. Warren is being revealed as a serial liar in so many ways that it's again, almost laughable. And Dopey Joe Biden is just the political gift that keeps on giving. STAND UP, CHUCK!!

If my life depended on picking the side that will win in November based on what exists today, I'd have to say that I'd have to go with the President.

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