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"The accursed (sic) will be advised of the absence of his rights under the secret code of Politically Correct Leftist Thought and will cower accordingly."
Re: More honest lefties (believe it or not) from HARVARD, of all places - four lesbo femmies yanking the veil off of academia's Title IX debacle: -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

10/08/2019, 21:31:49

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For those who may not know, that was largely paraphrased from a piece of comedy writing from nearly fifty years ago Firesign Theater "Don't Crush That Dwarf Hand Me the Pliers"(1971).

Funny how if you stay around long enough, everything sort of comes full circle. What the Hippies complained about back then, are now being done by the Hippies who went on to get big fancy careers and became rich powerful establishment types.

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