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Man, Trump is a Gunslinger.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/08/2019, 20:39:40

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Roland Deschain: "What you say may be true, I do not know. I am a Gunslinger and I do not deal in words. A Gunslinger deals in lead".

There are verbal actions (words) and overt actions (deeds). The latter speaks infinitely louder than the former in any sustained, earnest existential conflict. Trump is to be admired exceedingly for being among those who strongly favor that view.

He matched the verbal behavior of the 'Crats with overt behavior of lawyers and a firmly-but-politely-worded "F!@# You!!"

I have not enjoyed reading a letter more in recent memory, than the one sent from POTUS counsel Pat Cippolone's team to the 'Crat leadership. They spelled it out pretty GD clearly F-U-C-K! Y-O-U!

Crats, selah. The ball is (as they say), in your shorts(sic).

No wonder DeNiro hates Trump so much, the president has stolen his act... Trump be a GANGSTER!!

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