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Let's face it, the anti-conservatives are much better at playing dirty.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/08/2019, 13:18:24

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The whole idea that the House can conduct an impeachment investigation of a president without actually going through the necessary legal steps to do it (starting a formal inquiry which requires a vote in the House), highlights how leftists are continuing the trend started in the Eightball Obama administration of flouting the Rule of Law. 

Clearly the leaders of the House are conducting a formal inquiry but have bypassed the Constitutional requirement of a vote to actually start formal proceedings. 

The voting public, being largely ignorant of the importance of requiring that legislators follow the same laws that they pass, seem indifferent to this.

The 'Crats are moving forward with the latest phase of their endless effort to nullify the results of the 2016 election though persecution disguised as "prosecution" and  political inquisition under pretext of "investigation".

This entire on-going horror is really something out of "Darkness at Noon" Arthur Koestler's classic exploration of SOP for tyrannical inquisitions under pretext of "due process" which took place for eight decades in Communist Soviet Union courts. 

Conducting business as if the House has spontaneously morphed from a legislative body into an independent criminal investigative organization like the Justice Department, which goes after political enemies like the Savonarola-led mobs of Florence going after the noble, virtuous, magnificent Medici family. 

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