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Hear me out! I believe I have figured a great deal of this out, not only from my own research, but by something Trump manager, Brad Parscale said. It connected all of the dots.
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Posted by: Dee W.

10/07/2019, 12:08:18

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Parscale tweeted that it's interesting that Democrats/US are funding the oil and gas exploration of the Ukraine, while demanding American stop using gas! then Glenn Beck had his video about the relationships of these people! BAM!

Here's what I believe has happened and is still happening:

After the Russians invaded Ukraine in 2014, Dems/Soros saw the opportunity to not only plunder the reserves in Ukraine, but to use Ukraine as a money laundering operation for US dollars--in essence, plundering the US treasury for their own gain. This is why they are so excited about the investigation into Ukraine.

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