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You just hit on one of the things the 'Crats HATE about P-45.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/06/2019, 23:38:00

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He seems to enjoy the office, but is still deadly serious about doing his job as he believes the American People who elected him want it to be done.

That must stick in the craw of the ACFs, who saw the Eightball Obama become less and less involved in his own job, often looking bored, disengaged, distracted, disinterested, apathetic.

The only times the Eightball and his ilk seemed animated was when they were rubbing elbows with the rich, famous and "cultured" people of the world - who were only too anxious to brown nose without shame 24/7.

So he retreated constantly to a position of being a bystander who was "unable to do anything" after running on the platform of, "we are SUPER men, we can do ANYthing!"

But when it came to doing work, especially under the most adverse the conditions, the tougher the questions, the less interested and the more-annoyed the Eightball became - resulting in almost interminable vacations and his frequent withdrawals from the fray and the fracas of DC policy-making.

Trump is right in the middle of it on purpose. This is one of the things he does well and enjoys a good boxing/wrestling match.

Not like the passive-aggressive, womanish, bitch-boy Eightball Obama and his mannish, narcissistic "wife".

It always seemed to me that the Eightball and Moochelle were brought together because they loved each other almost as much as they loved themselves.

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