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I'm puttin' this up because if WND is driven from the public square and I didn't even do what little I can, my conscience would bother me.
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

10/06/2019, 14:28:32

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How Google demonizes WorldNetDaily - WND

David Kupelian
8-10 minutes

Dear WND reader,

Right from the beginning of the presidency of Donald Trump, I and others at WND have been reporting, documenting and urgently warning about how Big Tech is attempting to re-shape – indeed re-create – America in its far-left progressive image.

We've chronicled the endless stream of conservative, Christian and pro-life organizations that social media platforms have banished, censored, shadow-banned, de-monetized and otherwise suppressed from public view.

We've documented how the Big Tech giants anointed the reckless far-left hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center as their moral arbiter of what constitutes "hate speech" for determining which Christian and conservative voices should be banned from the public square. (WND and other mainstream Christian organizations are featured prominently on the SPLC's "Hatewatch" list along with actual hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan.)

We've shown how Google and Facebook have all but destroyed online journalism by vacuuming up an astonishing 90% of all digital advertising revenue, which long constituted the very lifeblood of independent news sites, forcing us into major layoffs, pay cuts and other painful but necessary survival strategies.

We've even reported on how multiple peer-reviewed studies show that Google has, for years now, been determining the results of elections worldwide. In fact, Google likely swung as many as 3 million votes toward Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential contest, contends top Google researcher Robert Epstein, Ph.D., formerly editor-in-chief of Psychology Today – and a Democrat!

Yes, we've been reporting on all this and faithfully sounding the alarm throughout the Trump presidency, possibly more than any other news outlet.

But I'd like to pause and personalize this just a bit. As longtime readers already know, WND was around long before Google, before Facebook, before Twitter – before social media even existed – back when the Internet was compared to the Wild West. Lots of wide open spaces, untamed and sometimes lawless, but a place of unlimited potential where maximum freedom was found. It was truly amazing.

Then, over the course of the last two decades, the hard left took over the Internet. That's right, just as the left has taken over America's colleges and universities – heck, has taken over all of public education down to pre-school (plying toddlers with "Drag Queen Story Hour"), as well as taking over the entertainment industry, the news media and many other key life-giving American institutions. It's what the left does.

Today, you can get a quick, personalized snapshot of what has become of the internet by doing a simple Google search for "WorldNetDaily." Of the top ten returns, seven are brutally condemning of the internet's oldest independent journalism website.

First – even before WND's website itself! – comes the ridiculous Wikipedia article, written by rabid anti-WND folks who lead off by describing us this way: "WorldNetDaily (WND) is an American news and opinion website and online news aggregator which has been described as 'fringe' and far right as well as politically conservative. The website is known for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories."

Thanks a lot. Next there's the page profiling WND by the discredited hate-group Southern Poverty Law Center, which leads with this: "WorldNetDaily is an online publication founded and run by Joseph Farah that claims to pursue truth, justice and liberty. But in fact, its pages are devoted to manipulative fear-mongering and outright fabrications designed to further the paranoid, gay-hating, conspiratorial and apocalyptic visions of Farah and his hand-picked contributors from the fringes of the far-right and fundamentalist worlds."

Uh huh. Next comes an apocalyptic article about WND by the leftwing Salon website, headlined"Shed a tear for WorldNetDaily – or maybe don't. But the downfall of a far-right site is instructive." Hey Salon people, we're still here.

Next comes the Seattle Times with this headline: "Inside the spectacular fall of WorldNetDaily, the granddaddy of right-wing conspiracy sites."

The next search result is something call Rational Wiki, which sizes up WND this way: "WND (originally an initialism for WorldNetDaily, or as it was affectionately known to its fans as WingNutDaily or WhirledNutDaily) is a far-right website founded by the impressively mustachioed Joseph Farah in 1997 as a project of his Western Center for Journalism. The site espouses a fundamentalist, Christian, creationist worldview with a healthy dose of jingoism. … WND makes Fox News look positively moonbatty in comparison. … The scary thing is, this bilge is actually slightly influential, with its made-up bulls**t making its way out the mouths of wingnut congressmen and cable TV pundits far too often."


Then there's the Washington Post with its vicious, lengthy smear article on WND's "downfall" – published immediately after the Post's reporter learned from Elizabeth Farah that her husband and WND CEO Joseph Farah had just suffered a devastating stroke. Nice, huh?

Then, to round out the first page of "top Google search results" for WorldNetDaily, there's the ridiculous RightWingWatch, a project of the super-duper-leftwing group People for the American Way. RightWingWatch – which has honored me personally with more than two dozen different articles highlighting my supposed wingnut antics – has this to say about WND: "Since California-based conservative writer Joseph Farah founded it in 1997, WorldNetDaily, now simply known as WND, has emerged as a leading online platform for conspiracy theorists, Tea Party activists and End Times prophets."OK. Back to reality – and to the gigantic if mostly invisible role Google and the rest of Big Tech plays in "fundamentally transforming" America. Along with reporting honestly on the rest of the news and exposing the "fake" variety, we at WorldNetDaily are sounding the warning trumpets day after day, month after month, about Big Tech's campaign to replace Judeo-Christian America with another country. As such, we're doing our job as "real news" journalists.

In the end, this matters to you because, as Jefferson wrote in his 1823 letter to Lafayette, "The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed." However, Big Tech is intent on America not having a free press, in shaping public opinion in its leftist image, and in suppressing dissenting voices like WND's.

Bottom line: Big Tech's two most urgent tasks right now are defeating Donald Trump in the 2020 election and making dissenting voices disappear. They're still kicking themselves for having failed during the 2016 election and don't intend to make the same mistake again. Incredibly, says Robert Epstein, Google is now poised to swing as many as 15 million votes in next year's presidential election – toward the Democratic candidate!

Not if WND can help it! We need to continue to sound the alarm and expose the efforts of Big Tech to transform America into a pathetic, fearful, conflicted, obedient, politically correct progressive version of the spectacular, prosperous and uniquely free nation it once was.

What else can I say? If you value WND, please help us. We have been suppressed, banned, defamed, sued, maligned, hacked and attacked in every way imaginable – but we're still here! I guess we must be doing something right.

WND is blessed with a large and loyal readership; millions of people have freely benefited from its tireless and courageous journalism for over two decades. Please consider helping us with the most generous donation you can manage. And remember, if you choose the monthly option for your donation, that helps us enormously as it provides a regular revenue base we can count on.

Time is short, friends. This is a time for action – for all of us. Our adversaries are not holding back, and we need to not hold back either. I pray you will be inspired to join with us.

Thank you and God bless you.

David KupelianVice President and Managing Editor, WNDEditor, Whistleblower magazineAuthor, "The Marketing of Evil," "How Evil Works" and "The Snapping of the American Mind"


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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