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It was hopelessly na´ve to put the gun down until she saw a uniformed cop.
Re: Wanted to take a break from my chores, so sat down to watch Rescue 911. The woman lives in an apartment complex with numerous apartments and a man breaks into her house. -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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10/05/2019, 19:30:02

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She should have put the kid in the closet and sat on the floor with her back against the closet door, faced the entrance to her bedroom and pointed the weapon two-handed with her forearms braced against her knees, then shot the emeffer as soon as he entered.


Remember - Per the U.S. Supreme Court, the police have no duty to protect individual citizens, only the public at large.

This lady's lucky, and that emergency operator needs a boot in her ass.



Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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