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Wanted to take a break from my chores, so sat down to watch Rescue 911. The woman lives in an apartment complex with numerous apartments and a man breaks into her house.
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Posted by: Dee W. ®

10/05/2019, 19:11:19

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She grabs her son and runs into her closet, and thankfully has a loaded 38. The man is coming into her room and she's hysterical on the phone with the dispatcher. She says she doesn't want to shoot but she must protect herself and her son. The GOOFY dispatcher tells her to put the gun down.

 She refuses and only puts the gun down when the dispatcher tells her the police are on the scene. Problem is, they didn't know what building and in the meantime, while the gun is down, the man enters her closet and tells her he's going to take care of her problem. 

She  screams at him to leave, but he grabs her anyway. The police are still not there but are listening to screams trying to find out where they are from. At any rate, she runs out of the apartment and the police get her, but her son is grabbed by the crazy man. Police run in and grab him. 

 At the end, the gist of the story is about how we don't need guns and how she was saved by the PD without her gun. The SOB went to prison for 5 years charged with BURGLARY. That's a home invasion and attempted rape! I will NEVER GIVE UP MY GUNS! I was so angry at the message. She easily could have been killed along with her son and the bastard should have been shot. 5 years for Burglary when it's a home invasion! Bull! there goes my relaxation!

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