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"The leftist agenda has been vanquished, but the the leftists have not. Just remember, the war won't end until they are."
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Posted by: TEEBONE

10/05/2019, 11:46:22

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Pushback against leftists' agenda is driving them insane - WND

Craige McMillan
4-5 minutes

For generations the political left has made steady, incremental gains in remaking America into their dream of just one more s-hole country. The left can appear reasonable and even polite when things are going their way. They can even accept some temporary failures. That's because they know when you are winning the war, lost battles are painful but the price of ultimate victory.

The Obama presidency emboldened the left considerably. If a narcissistic, community organizing orator could be elected president, then anything was possible! Surely the political right would yield to the silver tongued orator and give up the fight!

Many did give up over the relentless oppression of Obama's two terms in office. Christians, in particular, barricaded themselves into their gated, megachurch communities, where they could still speak freely about their beliefs. Money flowed overseas for missions in the undeveloped world, while religious freedom in America outside the gated community was going to hell.

This was precisely the picture painted in the "Left Behind" book series written by Jerry Jenkins and pastor Tim LaHaye. In a sense, many Christians came to believe that "the worse it gets, the better it is for us. We win in the end!"

Of course, these weren't the Christians being persecuted and murdered for their faith, either. Those were almost exclusively overseas and beyond the reach of even the largest megachurch pastors.

Leftists, like the Christians they so hate, also have their articles of faith. If you challenge these articles of leftist faith, and the leftist mob holds power anywhere that can be applied to you, you will pay a price. To thrive, you must at the very least pay lip service to the leftist creed. That's not freedom. But it is how the left does business.

As the leftist creed grew, it became more onerous. More people became alarmed at the left's intolerance of opposing viewpoints and their use of the law to undermine the free speech upon which a free nation depends.

In 2016, a national voice arose in opposition. Donald Trump went on to vanquish the backslapping Republicans and the backstabbing Democrats, and win the presidency. This triggered panic among leftists, who began to experience the wrath of Trump's Twitter onslaughts.

Ordinary people became emboldened by one man who had begun to fight back! Maybe a leftist future wasn't inevitable? Maybe burdensome regulations could be removed? Maybe the use of government power to silence the left's critics could be overthrown? Maybe there was a decent future for Americans who wanted to work, but whose manufacturing jobs had been exported to cheap-labor countries? Maybe all of us could fight back against the commucrat utopia that had never worked elsewhere in the world, but would surely work here if only we tried it.

The left is now in the full grip of impeachment insanity, because it is their only path back to power. The left's enemies, the deplorables, the ones they tried to woo with government subsidies, have turned and bitten the hand that fed them. They must be made to pay!

The Democratic Party has been exposed as the party of small minds and big corruption. Trump recognized that the path to a better, freer and economically prosperous world was through a better, freer and more economically prosperous America. The leftist agenda has been vanquished, but the the leftists have not. Just remember, the war won't end until they are.

Some of the most unlikely battles have a spiritual component.Armageddon Story; Judgment Interrupted.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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