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PC undermines reality: A particularized observation
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

10/04/2019, 15:24:19

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Today I received an email from Michelle Ma Belle® about a Down Syndrome drum corps being invited to compete at the national championships.

Not exhibition - compete.

Most of you who have known me awhile know that I was blessed with the opportunity to perform with a state championship drum corps in my teens. I'm mighty proud'a that, and those contests are among my finest memories.

Since, drum corps has (IMO) deteriorated - not in the artistry of musical performances (they have excelled to exemplary musicianship), but in the heritage that brought them into being. They originated in American Legion and VFW posts nationally, and were composed of military vets. They brought military precision and maneuvering to the field of competition, at first with plain vanilla bugles, then with single-valve horns, then with single-valve-rotary-slide horns, then with twin-piston bugles. The motif was adapting classic and pop tunes to a military, regimented genre, and they were a winner with "the deplorables" . The original organization was DCA, but a 'progressive' movement began in the late '60s-early '70s (DCI) that turned up its high-and-mighty nose at such blatant military-style displays of patriotism. 

They dumped bugles and began using band instruments, particularly to replace the soprano and tenor bugles, they added xylophones and tympani and gongs and whatnot (on the sidelines). Part of the magic of the corps had been the fact that they'd evolved the bugles while keeping them bugles, and their musical performances became more intricate and refined while staying true to the military presentation. 


Alas, now they are, for all practical purposes.

(Think, straight>homosexual>gay>transgender>non-binary etc. - 'scuse me while I throw up in my mouth.)

I went through all of that history just to establish the emphasis on the perversion of tradition....

...which brings me to this latest abomination.

Don't get me wrong. I respect Down Syndrome folks, their rights, their feelings and their self-image, and I treat them with dignity.

But hey, let's get real. These people cannot compete with the top corps in the country. They can't realistically compete locally. This is all a PC bastardization of the genre for the purpose of virtue-signaling, and when you get down to it (no pun), it INSULTS these folks with feel-good elitist condescension.

I would support an organization that featured Down Syndrome corps, competing with each other. But this is nauseating. They become, in effect, circus clowns.

(Hey, mommy! Look at the FREAKS!)

I am reminded of the PSA frequently seen on TV of the Down Syndrome kids running track; one of the kids falls down, another picks him up, then all of them stop running, join arms and finish the race together.

The message: NOBODY LOSES.

Yes, but NOBODY WINS, either.


Sorry for the rant. I couldn't keep it to myself.



Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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