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QED take a judge who defies a higher judge to court - to "face the music" so to speak.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/02/2019, 12:02:33

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Story from GI Gurdjieff of the snake who wanted to be a monk.

A holy monk met a snake along a jungle path. The snake asked the monk to help him to become religious and achieve monk status. The monk said that he could become a monk, but if he did, he would never be able to attack and consume human beings any more. The snake agreed, so the monk administered teaching to him and went on his way,saying that he would return in a year to see how the snake was doing.

After a year the monk went back to find the snake, which he saw approaching him slowly. The monk noticed that the snake was emaciated and had numerous cuts, wounds on his hide. The monk asked what happened to his hide and the snake responded that when he gave up attacking humans, soon cruel children and others discovered this and took to pummeling him with rocks, sticks and other heavy, sharp objects, injuring him.

The monk told the snake, 'Yes, I told you that you could not eat or attack humans, but I didn't tell you that you couldn't HISS!!!"

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