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Once you understand that the anti-conservative fanatic movement is international and that the ultimate expression of it is to achieve something like the organism in The Thing (1987) you have sussed the matter.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/02/2019, 10:59:15

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The far left and all anti-conservative operatives are like cells in the body of The Thing. More like a disease than an intellectual movement, self-reflection, morality, conscience and benevolence are all missing from any telesis they establish.

There is no self-reflection or introspection tolerated among the True Believers. In the most horribly dangerous, lethal sense, anti-conservative fanatics consider anyone who opposes them strongly as sub-human, worthy not only of defeat strategically , but also death and/or destruction.

Modern anti-conservatism shares the same attitude that militant fundamentalist muzz terrorists have - an abiding homicidal hatred for anyone who challenges or opposes them strongly. For both muzz and ACFs there can be no tolerance for opposition - they dehumanize their adversaries immediately and permanently.

It would not surprise me if, as in the international muzz community, roughly 30% of ACFs believe that mass murder, terrorism and any other violence is permissible to destroy their enemies.

And make no mistake about it, for both the above groups, there are no mere adversaries, only enemies worthy of not just defeat on issues, but absolute, personal destruction including physical violence and murder.

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