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Follows the pattern - 'Crats conduct politics the way trial attorneys do - ignore, marginalize, scoff at any and all evidence which does not support their case.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/02/2019, 10:49:16

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Trial attorney's routinely are trained to react to the presentation of any evidence in court with stultification. They are taught to never,never, NEVER respond to the substance of the evidence but instead to attack the source, throw doubt on the motivation for presenting it, use it to over-complicate/obfuscate, mock, demonize - everything except respond to it substantively. 

So you can see this applied by 'Crats every single day. 

The most effective means to refute it is to merely reiterate the evidence,dismiss the challenges by identifying the diversion as such and proceed aggressively with  the larger effort to tie the evidence in to the central thesis of the case. 
IOW, make sure the jury is not distracted or confused by the plethora diversions of the opponent counsel. 

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