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"The Shokin [Obama/Biden/Clinton] Affidavit reads like an exposé of a mafia crime family, but on an international scale."
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

10/01/2019, 16:11:56

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Did Trump orchestrate Ukraine whistleblower 'scandal'? - WND

Scott Lively
8-9 minutes

The other day I received an email from a friend alerting me to the politically explosive Viktor Shokin Affidavit. Shokin, the Ukrainian general prosecutor (i.e., attorney general) details how and why the Obama administration orchestrated his firing, and it is a very powerful indictment of Joe Biden and the Obama administration.

My first thought upon reading it was that President Trump had himself orchestrated the "whistleblower" incident to set up all his enemies for a knock-out punch. In his genius, fearless Trump knows that giving the Democrats and neo-cons just enough red meat to trigger their bloodlust would get them all out on the same limb, fully committed to the far left's suicidal impeachment fantasy, while he gently revs the Shokin chainsaw behind his back, smiling in anticipation.

By "orchestrating," I don't necessarily mean that the "whistleblower" is on Trump's team, but (to mix in yet another metaphor) it is more likely that a known leaker was set up like an unsuspecting worker ant to carry the dose of poison back to the Queen of the Nest (Nancy Pelosi, or perhaps Over-Queen Hillary). In any case, the whole nest took the bait, including the Never-Trumper GOP traitors.

The Shokin Affidavit addresses the incident about which Biden was caught on tape gloating hubristically, that he, Biden, extorted Ukrainian President Poroshenko to immediately fire Shokin or he, Biden, would personally cut off $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

But Shokin's recitation of the actual facts of the matter isn't just a partisan counter-spin on the incident like a newspaper op-ed. No, this affidavit is clean, fact-based and objectively stated legal testimony, given under oath by a man whose professionalism, personal integrity and patriotism is self-evident in the document. It is essentially a withering legal denunciation of Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and the larger Obama administration for serious corruption in Ukraine and criminal abuse of American power to bend the Ukrainian government to their own self-serving ends, not the pursuit of legitimate American interests.

The Shokin Affidavit reads like an exposé of a mafia crime family, but on an international scale. And it serves as a sobering reminder of the horrific fate America escaped in the election of Donald Trump over Crooked Hillary.

I have been following the Ukraine soap opera closely for years, having served as a Bible-oriented human rights advocate there in my 50-city speaking tour of the former Soviet Union in 2006 and 2007, defending family values and true marriage against aggressive pro-LGBT advocacy by the European Union and the U.S. State Department (yes, even under George W. Bush). I taught about the history and tactics of the "gay" movement in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk while radio advertisements for a politically charged Elton John tour of Ukraine were bombarding the airwaves. I warned the Ukrainians, just as I had warned the Russians, that the Marxists of the U.S. and EU would push the sexual revolution relentlessly, focusing heavily on brainwashing the children, until they had broken the moral backbone of the people, in order to fold their nations into the global socialist system.

Unlike in America, where the "sexual revolution" had already destroyed the moral order and hyper-aggressive LGBT and "Social Justice" activists exact a heavy price against anyone who publicly opposes them, the entire post-Soviet world overwhelmingly welcomed my message. (These would be the best allies of U.S. conservatism in the world if we only stopped believing anti-Russian propaganda from the same media who lie to us on everything else).

In January of this year, I was invited back to Ukraine to give seminars to help the faltering pro-family movement there cope with the massive Soros-funded campaign to homosexualize their society. For the first time in 30 years of ministry, the Holy Spirit told me not to accept that invitation because the proxy war in Ukraine between the U.S./EU Marxist Elites and the post-Marxist, gradually re-Christianizing Russian Federation had reached a very dangerous stage, and my interference would provoke a severe reaction against me by deep-state actors in that country.

Now, I don't blame President Trump for the situation in Ukraine. I don't think Trump even after all these months in office has full control of the U.S. State Department (or Defense). The Ukraine mess is all the doing of the Clinton/Bush/Obama globalists, but especially Obama. Obama was the one who orchestrated the 2014 presidential coup there in coordination with George Soros to prevent Ukraine from realigning with Russia on family policy after the Russians banned "gay" propaganda to children nationally in 2013. That child-protection legislation (which I had advocated for in general terms during my speaking tour) was a global game-changer that inspired five Eastern European nations (including Ukraine) to quickly announce they would follow suit, panicking NATO and the EU and enraging reputed in-the-closet homosexual Barack Obama, who had set the LGBT agenda as his highest international priority.

However, by employing Soros' "color revolutions" expertise to force "regime change" in Ukraine, Obama ensured that Russia would annex Crimea to protect its extensive and historic strategic interests, allowing the Obama administration and the Europeans to cast Russia as the aggressor and justify an international campaign of anti-Russian fear-mongering especially in the morally conservative Baltics and Eastern Europe (but also in the U.S. by both liberal and neoconservative media).

The primary purpose of the coup, in my opinion, was to kill the anti-LGBT strategy in its crib by restarting the cold war. That would (and did) in turn prevent the very same grass-roots conservatives who elected Trump in the U.S., passed Brexit in the U.K., and were rising up rapidly against open borders/anti-family liberalism across Europe, from joining forces with the moral and fiscal conservatives of the former Soviet Union to push back global socialism and its "sexual revolution" agenda. It worked because no other nation then pressed on to follow Russia's lead in protecting its children from the "gay" movement.

It was into the subsequent Ukrainian political chaos that the craven Biden family rushed to cash in – getting Hunter Biden on the board of the gas company that (if I remember correctly) supplanted Russian companies that previously held those mineral rights.

Most people don't realize how little the Russian collusion witch hunt has to do with supposed Russian interference in the 2016 election. That's just a pretext. "Election integrity?" Are we really allowing Dems and RINOs to use that phrase in our presence?

The real agenda has always been preventing the U.S./Russian anti-globalist alliance President Trump campaigned consistently on, and I believe much of what the State and Defense Departments (the deepest of the deep-state agencies) have devoted themselves to since Trump took office is designed to keep U.S./Russian tensions as high as possible without risking war, in order to tie Trump's hands.

However, whether this unfolding Ukraine-centered "scandal" was intentionally orchestrated by President Trump or by the Lord God Himself, the effect will (God willing) be a months-long worldwide focus on the criminal actions of the Obama administration in the foreign nation that more than any other defines the true Obama/Biden legacy internationally. And public awareness of that criminality – which predates and serves as a predicate for the Russian collusion narrative, will, if justice survives in America, undermine the entire house of cards of the anti-Trump coalition, resulting in a resounding 2020 reelection victory for President Trump.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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