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Not just clowns without make-up, horribly, lethally dangerous. Remember the 'Crats started the Great Civil War.
Re: "I believe that if the left ever seizes control of the White House again and both chambers of Congress, it is not going to be incremental change, it is going to be radical change," he said. - An accurate paraphrase of LFL, wot? -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/30/2019, 23:17:12

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And the Civil War was utterly and completely unnecessary, tragic and wasteful of both precious lives and resources.

The lead-up to the start of the CW was steeped in infamy and an almost infantile readiness to loose the Dogs of War rather than to negotiate in good faith with their opponents.

That's always been the problem with people who are not genuinely serious-minded. They make decisions based almost 100% on feelings/intuitions, so they have little interest in facts, logic or objective information.

Such people mistake intuition for instinct. Such people believe that they are serious-minded because they put a serious expression on their faces. This is more similar to watching children pretending to be adults.

They assume all of the superficial appearances of seriousness in word, expression and mannerisms, while never coming close to grasping the essence of being an adult.

Such obliviousness is cute in small children, but not in political leaders.

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